The Vapor Caves Troll Austin Housing Market

-Written by Kahron Spearman of the Austin Chronicle, link to article below:

Here’s a list of things the Vapor Caves are: They are a gifted, Austin-based "boogie/modern funk" duo led by vocalist Yadira Brown (Keeper, 10yr, LAX) and producer BoomBaptist. They are in the concluding stages of mastering their debut full-length, Feel Yourself – due later this year. They are upper-tier troll-persons.

Yesterday, the pair shared their new single, "Endless Summer," as "an homage to our hometown, reflecting on its evolution, overpopulation, and gentrification." It’s a call-out of specific attitudes afforded to those able to live in expensive condos, with their overpriced attached groceries.

Preceding the single was a minutelong promotional video with a narrator nailing Austin on its sometimes-questionable authenticity, making a note of its penchants for "artisanal nut butters,” “acroyoga,” and "delicious, authentic tacos" – taking a playful dig at a particular trendy taco shop.

They hit the mark on Austin's treacherous housing market, under real estate name Endless Summer Homes, promising the prospective customer that "no matter the income bracket, summer can last all year long." There's even a business line – "(512) 420-VAPE" – for assistance. (Also, I've saved you the trouble – the number doesn't work.)

Yadira Brown